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How to Scale Your Business (and your client's) with Automation

Join me as I teach you how to put predictable systems in place to dramatically increase the number of leads, conversions, and sales for your business.

Exclusive Curriculum
Over 18 hours of HD, in-depth training on how to plan, prepare, implement and measure your automated marketing + live calls with Chris

Highly Valuable Resources
Additional resources including worksheets, AirTable database templates, and importable ActiveCampaign automations for swift implementation

Accelerated Automation
Take the limits off your current marketing and automate what's profitable quicker for immediate results...consistently

The Amplify My Automation package is a 6 month interactive offer in marketing and sales automation

Let me take the mystery out of automating your business and teach you how to put predictable systems in place to dramatically increase the number of prospects, leads, and sales generated on a daily basis.

How This Program Will Help You Scale

Access to Chris...yup, that's me! I'm one of the most sought after professionals in marketing automation and it would be my pleasure to work with you over the next 6 months (and beyond)

Exclusive curriculum, made up of over 18 hours of HD, easy to follow, videos along with diagrams, flowcharts, and a variety of resources to give you everything you need to autopilot your marketing and sales

Worksheets, templates, and pre-built automations so you don't ever have to start from scratch and can implement quickly with minimal error.

X-ray insight on everything so you can see in detail what works and how

Recordings of EVERYthing, you'll get access to all the calls you attend, calls you missed and the entire library of calls from before you enrolled.

Up to 18 group call sessions with yours truly to ensure your success and ultimate clarity for achieving it

Sean Bestor

“Chris is the best. Hands-down. He literally built the automation system LeadPages uses, and look how big they’ve grown! He knows every tool and tactic under the sun. Plus, the guy is completely awesome to work with. If you can ever partner up with Chris, you need to drop everything you’re doing and, to quote Shia LeBouf, “Just DO it.” He’s the best and your business will grow like you never thought it could.”

~ Sean Bestor

Be sure you listen and implement every single word out of his mouth. In fact, follow him around with a notepad. Record every session or training call you get with him, and listen to it over and over again. There is no one else who brings such wisdom for not just your marketing automation success but for the growth and success of your business, as well.

~ Sister Act Media

I’ve never seen a challenge group that goes so far in-depth and so personal to different businesses before. Chris provided a ton of insight that I didn’t expect on top of what I hoped for–and since some of it aligned with my specialty I can tell you, he’s spot on in what he’s teaching.

Brittney Gardner

The Amplify My Automation Package Includes

The Automation Service Provider™ Program curriculum. The most exclusive, comprehensive, and in-depth training on marketing automation available.


Introduction to Program

Comprehensive overview of the entire program and the various paths you can take upon completion.


Business Preparation

Ensure you have all the fundamental assets in place to build strong automated systems in your business.


Process Extraction

Use our proprietary software to easily document processes across all 6 systems of automated sales and marketing.


Successful Segmentation

Learn how to create segmentation across the customer journey that allows you to reach the right contacts with pinpoint accuracy.


Mapping and Messaging

Discover how to build easy to follow flow charts, logic maps, and many more that makes creating messaging a breeze.



Master the art of properly matching the best technology with the strategy you have defined for strong and reliable systems building.


Automation Building

Go deep with automation building. No matter the platform, learn the do’s and don’ts along with a library of shortcuts and pre-built automations to put you in expert status practically immediately.


Measurement, Analytics and Traffic

Measuring your marketing shouldn’t be difficult or quickly glossed over. Learn how to create beautiful dashboards that auto populate and quickly tell you how well you're doing.


BONUS: Marketing and Growing Your Business

A variety of crash courses to equip you with everything you need to sell your automation services at scale including legal contracts, CRM migration, pricing, and more!

This Package Also Includes...

Complimentary Private Community Access

You will receive 6 months access to an exclusive network of automation professionals to stay in the know about the latest tools and strategies, participate in monthly challenges to sharpen your automation skills, and behind the curtain interviews with industry professionals to learn how they scale their businesses with automation.

All Courses Access Pass

Upon enrollment you will also receive access to every course created, and to be created, at not additional charge. Courses currently include: Campaigns That Convert, Automating Webinars, The Profit Pathway, List Resurrection, and more!

Meet Your Instructor

I’m an Electrical Engineer turned entrepreneur. At Lockheed Martin, as a Firmware Engineer, I programmed microprocessors called ‘autopilots’.

Since then, I’ve held leadership positions in two high profile tech startups; Leadpages, as the Head of Marketing Automation (I built the marketing and sales system to help raise $37M in funding) and ActiveCampaign, as the Director of Education (I built the education and training department responsible for training thousands of small businesses daily on how to properly leverage marketing automation). They raised $120M.

There isn’t a process I haven’t been able to automate effectively. With over 13 years of professional experience automating complex processes, I’m looking forward to helping you scale your business with automation.

How Does the Amplify My Automation Package Work?

On a cohort basis, Chris teaches his 3 month curriculum of the Automation Service Provider™ Program.

Groups are kept small and intimate to ensure every student gets the attention their business needs.

Throughout the initial 3 months you will get access to the new lessons on a bi-weekly basis. The weeks in-between you will join a group call with Chris and your cohort members.

What's great about the Amplify My Automation package is that it provides you with the community, curriculum, and accountability you need for faster success with automation.

Once the initial 3 month concludes you will be invited to an additional 3 months of weekly group coaching and advanced automation training. 

This is where you take what you've learned and put it into practice at an accelerated pace.

All in all, you have 6 months of hands-on, exclusive, and highly effective training for automating your marketing, sales, and more!

Quick Recap Why You Should Consider Enrolling

More Profits

Generate predictable income on a recurring basis

More Customers

Streamline your delivery to close more with less effort

More Time

Witness your business operate itself w/minimal human interaction

More Automation

Let automated sales and marketing do all the heavy lifting for you

What Students Have to Say...

“If you are considering this program then you probably already know that Chris has a wealth of experience pioneering in some of the powerhouses in marketing automation. What I would say that is different about Chris is how passionate he is about helping others be successful.
As I said, I started this program wanting to help my clients in my marketing agency, but he helped me turn the business I’m really passionate about (my side hustle) into my full-time business.”

~ Jaime Almond

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and all you have taught me in this course. I am eternally grateful!

~ LaToya Bass

Thank you so much! How does it get better than this?

~ Barbara Caraballo

This program was so awesome and thorough. I look forward to certification and sharpening my double edged sword! Thank you Chris for providing this space and content.

~ Samantha Pointer Foxx

“Chris Davis is the absolute BEST in this space, hands down!! He’s helped us make significant strides in our business and genuinely cares about each and every person he works with!”

~ Brian Kotoka

Who This Package is For...

Who This Package is NOT For...

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Amplify My Automation Package

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“Chris! Your info is the $***! I am relistening and having to cool off in between#blownaway!” Dr. Karen

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If we’re already sold out or for any other reason we can’t accept you to the program, we will refund your $100 deposit.

If you have other questions or prefer to apply over the phone, please call us at 612-460-8150.

* All applicants are accepted at our discretion (we want to be sure you’re a good fit for the program).

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